Thursday, February 21, 2019

Reversing C++ codes tutorial series: Introduction

I realised reversing binaries written using C++ with OOP is pretty challenging to some (including myself). I hope to write a series of posts to explain the steps of reversing these binaries. I will make use of both the C++ source and compiled codes in my explanations. I will also include some of the OO concepts in my posts as they impact the behaviors of the binaries.

I have no idea how many posts i will write for this series but I will try to keep each post short and focus on the key points.

I am by no means and OOP expert but by writing these posts, I hope to strengthen my learning and share what I learned to the community. As always I welcome all comments and questions to my post. :)

Tools I used:
1. MS Visual Studio 2017 Professional
2. IDA Pro

Thanks to a tip from @ronindey to remind me to add urls to individual posts in this series.

1. Classes and its members
2. Inheritance and Dynamic memory
3. Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

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